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Supporting you to maximise your Baby and Child's sleep potential, International Child & Baby Sleep Consultant Rozanne Hay, brings 28 years of her wealth of experience and knowledge to parents in need of advice and hands-on help.

Covering London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Kent and as far as USA, Bahamas, Europe, UAE, Bahrain, Nigeria and South Africa. 

Rozanne tailors a bespoke programme for your baby or child, balanced with your family's needs. She draws down equally from both intuition and experience to find a solution that supports your child to learn to enjoy sleep.

Sleep habits must be viewed as a positive experience for a baby or child, and this is the core of Rozanne's work in jump-starting your baby's healthy sleep habits.

As a mother to 4 children, Rozanne is too well aware of the debilitating effects of broken, sleepless nights This, in addition to your recovery from birth, can make the entire experience of motherhood an intimidating one in the beginning.

Time and again Rozanne finds mothers say, "I have read all the books but the scenarios don't apply to us", and, "We just need our sleep".

Rozanne has extensive knowledge and experience and imparts the fundamentals of how sleep actually works. In fact, she wishes she had known these fundamentals when she had her first child many years ago.

Baby Sleep Rescue is a rescue package for exhausted parents, and those who want to get their children off the starting block to a healthy sleep pattern.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Certified Child Sleep Consultant - Family Sleep Institute, 2014
  • Sleep Practitioner - Royal College of Nursing accred. 2012
  • Post natal Depression, OCN, 2011
  • Breastfeeding, OCN, 2011
  • Maternity Practitioner Award, OCN, 2005
  • First Aid certificate, 2013
  • Sensory Integration Certificate, 2011
  • Makaton Sign Language, level 4, 2014
  • Birth Trauma Workshop September 2015
  • Brown Alpert Medical school, Pediatric Sleep Medicine, Eighth Biennial Conference, November 2015
  • University of Toronto, Pediatric Sleep Day Symposium, October 2017
  • Brown Alpert Medical school, Pediatric Sleep Medicine, Nineth Biennial Conference, November 2017

Further Training

  • Adult Sleep Workshop - Family Sleep Institute, June 2014
  • Rhythms of Infant Life Conference - Durham University, 2014
  • Millpond Sleep Clinic - Workshop 2010
  • Living with Reflux - National conference on Paediatric - Gastro-oesophageal Reflux, 2013
  • Feeding - Symbol UK, 2011
  • FSIDS workshop 2012
  • Infant Massage workshop 2012
  • Breastfeeding Workshop with Clare Byam-Cook , 2012
  • Counselling Skills, 2003
  • Dealing with Trauma 2008
  • Relationship Dynamics 2008
  • General Nursing - Frances Harrison School of Nursing/University of Surrey, 1991-1993